CRYPTO20: A new era is dawning … for the first autonomous cryptocurrency index fund

CRYPTO20 is continuing to gain momentum as it passes $18 million for its autonomous cryptocurrency Index Fund. Over 6,500 contributors are part of the fund which, unlike competitors, is a finished product with live trading tools.

CRYPTO20 originally raised $5 million in an oversubscribed pre-sale and the public token sale is currently running with over $18 million invested. With just days left to run until the fund closes on November 30th, 2017, the team behind CRYPTO20 is expecting to build even further and cross the $25 million mark in the coming week.

The over 6,500 contributors come from over 120 countries worldwide with single contributions range from a few $1+Million placements to some that are less than $10. The dream of peace-of-mind cryptocurrency investment without intermediaries is going to be realized, and it’s being brought to the masses in an affordable cost-effective manner that provides value to all.

The fund’s token, C20, is a representation of an investor’s share of the fund, and the fund’s value is equal to the combined value of its assets. CRYPTO20, unlike many of the other offerings in the marketplace today, is a finished product and not a platform.

“Actively managed funds consistently fail to beat the market index despite decades worth of data, billions of dollars and hundreds of analysts at their disposal. When they have, their fees dilute investor returns to less than if they had simply held the index”, Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO & Founder of CRYPTO20, stated. In addition, Daniel commented that “We have known for a long time that the crypto world should benefit from the introduction of the most proven, practical, tried and tested investment vehicle – the index fund – and we are pleased to share this outlook with over 6,500 contributors so far.”

CRYPTO20 has released trading tools and insights that are generated live from the eight exchanges connected to the system via a simple, unified API. The trading tools are available in the fund investor portal and include information on slippage, the best price, and trading pair to acquire assets with and the volume by exchange.

As was announced earlier this week, the CRYPTO20 team successfully completed the first fund rebalancing procedure,  weeks ahead of schedule. This includes a website update so that you can now track the fund value and composition in real-time.This index is now fully operational and holds the top 20 cryptocurrency assets by market cap, weighted by the CRYPTO20 data-science optimized hyper-parameters detailed in the C20 website and whitepaper. Check out

The fund is fully Anti-Money Laundering/ Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) compliant and operates as a registered LLC in the Cayman Islands, a popular fund jurisdiction.

The CRYPTO20 fund mitigates risk and volatility and historically has typically provided better returns than the market cap leader, Bitcoin, alone.