What is the Congressional Blockchain Caucus?

The Congressional Blockchain Caucus is a bi-partisan group of Members of Congress and Staff who believe in the future of blockchain technology and believe Congress has a role to play in its development and support. Founded in the 114th Congress, the Congressional Blockchain Caucus is seeing membership growth and an expanded area of focus.  As a Caucus, they are taking a “hands-off” regulatory approach with a belief that blockchain applications and technology will evolve on its own similar to how the internet matured. They see the potential for blockchain technology to significantly improve identity management, asset tracking and ownership, healthcare records management, intellectual property rights, and much more including:

  • Government applications and the improvement of government related services.
  • Data ownership including identity management, personal data protections with the control and self-ownership of an individual’s identity.
  • Leveraging smart contracts for increased security and protections around healthcare related services and patient records.

You can read more and learn about the Congressional Blockchain Caucus on their website.